• Burnham Machine Shop

    Burnham Machine Shop

    Location: Coburg, ON
    Production: 254kW DC
    No. of Panels: 1014
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  • 6606 Rainham

    6606 Rainham

    Location: Haldimand, ON
    Production: 278 kW DC
    No. of Panels: 1209
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  • Uwe Sandner

    Uwe Sandner (South Coast Solar)

    Location: Nanticoke, ON
    Production: 125 kW DC
    No. of Panels: 480
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  • All Weather Farming

    Evans All Weather Farming

    Location: Simcoe, ON
    Production: 118 kW DC
    No. of Panels: 481
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  • Toronto Community Housing

    Toronto Community Housing

    Location: Toronto, ON
    Production: 340kW DC
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  • Heritage Green

    Heritage Green

    Location: Stoney Creek, ON
    Production: 99kW DC
    No. of Panels: 396
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  • Vinyl Court

    Vinyl Court (Onterra)

    Location: Vaughan, ON
    Production: 117kW DC
    No. of Panels: 468
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  • 5 Sims

    5 Sims

    Location: Richmond Hill, ON
    Production: 102kW DC
    No. of Panels: 442
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Endura Energy is an Ontario-based solar energy consulting firm that offers clients system engineering, design, project management as well as full turn-key solar solutions.  We advise on all forms of large scale solar energy projects including commercial, utility and agricultural projects.

  • Agricultural

    Endura Energy has managed host of agricultural projects for farmers across the Province of Ontario. Endura has provided Engineering design, FIT contract management, turn-key EPC services and commissioning for agricultural entrepreneurs wishing to make a sustainable contribution to Ontario’s power supply. Endura Energy has developed an outstanding reputation for its quality work in this sector.

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  • Commercial

    Since its inception in 2009, Endura has successfully delivered over 50 rooftop PV projects in the commercial sector. Our diverse portfolio is comprised of flat roof systems, sloped roof and large scale off-grid battery storage solutions. The integrated teams at Endura have executed on engagements ranging from Independent Engineering Services, to Electrical Design Plan Sets, to comprehensive Turn-Key EPC implementation.

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  • Utility

    Endura has provided Engineering and Project Management services for 160 MW of utility scale solar PV projects, and currently has engineering engagements for 65 MW of projects to be built in the coming year. Our integrated, multidisciplinary engineering team works closely with our clients to develop the most effective and leading-edge solutions for both fixed and tracking ground-mount solar farms.

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